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Introducing the New Generation of Hardfacing Gasless MIG Wire

Bossweld’s GLX 600 hardfacing self-shielded gasless flux cored wire is the new generation of self-shielded gasless flux cored wire.

Available now in 0.9mm diameter, the Bossweld GLX 600 is unique as it is the first gasless hardfacing wire that runs smoothly and has very low fume, with next to no spatter.

So why is the size of wire so important…

…and what are the advantages of self-shielded gasless MIG welding over gas shielded MIG welding?

Is bigger always better?

Is bigger always better?

Not necessarily with MIG wire.

A narrower diameter allows you to concentrate current right into the joint, leaving less filler in the weld joint and providing a deeper weld penetration than a thicker diameter wire, under the right conditions.

Until now there hasn’t been a gasless flux cored wire small enough to be able to run on low amperage/voltage. But now the Bossweld GLX 600 can be used with 240 volt MIG machines, which makes self-shielded gasless wire welding easy and accessible for anybody, anywhere, at any time.

So instead of outsourcing and paying somebody else to do your fabrication or hardfacing jobs, you can now do it yourself!

Is bigger always better?
Can be used both inside and out

Can be used both inside and out

When you are working outdoors or on the move, there are several reasons why gasless flux cored welding is preferable to gas-shielded MIG welding.

Unlike gas-shielded MIG welding, gasless flux cored welding does not require external shielding gas, so you don’t need gas bottles.

You also don’t need to set up any windshields to protect shielding gas as the gas is instead generated from the burning of the flux core of the wire.

So there’s no more worrying about loss of shielding gas creating porosity and impacting on the integrity of your weld.

Ideal for Agricultural, Mobile, Mining and Outdoor Applications

No gas bottles, no heavy and cumbersome welding machinery, no outsourcing your welding jobs to external fabricators… no worries!

The Bossweld GLX 600 hardfacing flux cored wire is ideal for jobs requiring high surface abrasion and low impact, making it ideal for rural and earth moving applications.

  • small earth moving equipment
  • harvester tyne points
  • buckets
  • conveyor screws
  • scraper blades
  • cone harvester cutters
  • dredge pumps
  • sizing screens
  • impellers
  • cray boats
  • chutes in cement factories

And because the Bossweld GLX 600 flux cored wire is suitable for use in smaller, lighter and more portable welding machines, it is also ideal for hard to access locations that require all-position welding capability.

Very Low Fume... Very Low Spatter

Very Low Fume... Very Low Spatter

Previously, flux cored welding has been a more spattery and dirtier cousin to MIG welding; however, this new generation of hardfacing gasless wires delivers a smooth, very low fume and very low spatter weld, whether you’re welding inside or out.

You can choose from either a 1kg, 3kg, 5kg or 15kg spool and this innovative 0.9mm hardfacing gasless wire can be used on single phase 240-volt MIG welding machines as well as 80-250 amp MIG welders.

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In this video, Andrew Bosco from Dynaweld explains the differences between gasless and gas-shielded MIG welding processes and the benefits of MIG welding.

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