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The welding supplies experts

The welding supplies experts

A third generation family business founded in 1969, Dynaweld has grown to become Australia’s leading welding supplies company.

Dynaweld supplies independent industrial welding distributors across Australia – large or small.

These businesses are our roots. This is our passion.

Dynaweld stocks a complete range of high-quality welding equipment suitable for all welding applications – from professional trades, through to everyday DIY needs. We stock premium professional brands for trades and industry.

We are a one-stop shop for all things welding.

The business of family

The business of family

Robert Bosco, fondly known as Bob, could clearly see that 1960s Australia lagged behind the world in terms of welding equipment. He pioneered change and revolutionised welding in Australia by importing brand new welding machines and technology from Europe.

Bob’s son John and his wife Anne worked alongside Robert to build the customer base, which involved supply and delivery of industrial gasses to the eastern suburbs of Syndey and then beyond.

The business of family

The development of the customer base on the eastern seaboard was largely done by John and Anne over many years, serving regional and family-run welding industrial and rural trade stores.

Many of those customers are still valued partners with Dynaweld today. And, in many instances, these family businesses are now run by the descendants of the of their original founders. Since the early 2000s, Dynaweld has been run by the third generation of the Bosco family: brother and sister team Andrew and Janelle.

Today, Dynaweld has a solid reputation built on supplying those independent welding supplies businesses, as well as trades, professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

A Superior welding experience

A Superior welding experience

At Dynaweld we don’t just supply the product, we know the product.

Our expertise allows us to source and design innovative, high-quality machines that give you a superior welding experience and the very best value for money.

Whatever the size of the job or your level of welding experience, Dynaweld’s range of technologically top-notch welding products are all underpinned by our broad industry history and experience.

We are consistently looking to innovate and improve the product for the final user, with a focus on increased value and product performance and every Dynaweld product backed up with either a 1-year or a 3-year warranty.

Products for every welding application

Products for every welding application

Our extensive range of welding machines and equipment is readily available from our regional warehousing and distribution centres.

We strive to ensure we deliver the whole order on time, every time.

We stock welding machines, MIG wire, electrodes, TIG and gas rods, gas equipment, ARC welding accessories and of course, MIG, TIG and plasma torches and spare parts.

Our full range of safety gear keeps you protected so you’ll live to weld another day.

Whether you’re tinkering in the garage or managing industrial-scale projects, Dynaweld has the welding tools you need to finish the job.

Products for every welding application
The best welding product brands

The best welding product brands

You’ve done your research online… you want value, unbeatable quality and brand names you can trust.

We do our research by scouring the globe for the best quality and value on the market and bringing those brands to the Australian market.

Dynaweld is proud to supply dependable, high-quality welding machines and equipment.

All our brands, such as Bossweld, Safra, Kobe, Gemini and Wurex, feature high-quality components and robust manufacturing processes.

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