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Andrew Bosco

Andrew Bosco - Director

Andrew Bosco - Director

Andrew Bosco is the third generation of a family that has pioneered advances in welding machinery and technology in Australia.

A technician at heart, he is actively engaged in product development and innovation.

His detailed knowledge of welding equipment has developed into a proven process for sourcing reliable and robust products which get the job done.

He also gains huge personal satisfaction from sustaining a business that employs 40 people. That gives him a real sense of pride.

Making the right connections

In the early days, the welding equipment market was focused on price. But things have changed. These days, Andrew knows that true value comes from the quality and production capabilities of the factory. And from solid partnerships.

“I want to work with good people who share the same values as we do about supporting their factories and their family businesses. Integrity is really important for Janelle and me.”

It can take years for Andrew to have the confidence to work with a new supplier – trust and reliability are everything.

He looks for strong loyalty and an ability to go above and beyond to deliver a high-quality product.

Building a network of distributors, one regional town at a time

Andrew’s dad built Dynaweld’s distributor network from the ground up and Andrew has vivid first-hand memories of this.

“During the school holidays driving up to Queensland, with Janelle and me in the back seat of the Tarago, Dad would visit every welding distributor in every town, with samples.”

These original distributors still remember the Bosco kids from back then, and this connection and trust are the foundations for the company Dynaweld is today.

Carrying on tradition

It is Andrew’s initiative that has taken Dynaweld to China, to create the now well-known Bossweld brand.

No longer wishing to be solely beholden to overseas manufacturers who could make decisions that affected Dynaweld’s distribution capabilities, Andrew decided it was vital to be master of his own fate.

Today, Bossweld is a strong brand name connected to Dynaweld’s family history, offering the market a range of reliable, high-quality welding and industrial products.

Looking to the future

For Andrew, the true success of any business is that it is strong enough and of enough value to leave to the next generation.

“I enjoy working with my sister and providing employment for 40 people. It’s fun to keep reinventing things and turn in new directions as we grow. We just keep learning and I’m enjoying the journey.”

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DIY, Trade and Professional

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Value for money consumables

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A superior welding experience

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High quality and superb craftsmanship!

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