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Bossweld TC16 Low Hydrogen Twin Coated Electrodes

Bossweld TC16 hydrogen controlled, twin coated electrodes have been through a rigorous schedule of R&D and testing to produce an electrode that is the equivalent of the market leading 7016 twin coat electrode.

The inner coating of the TC16 electrodes contains the ionising and conducting ingredients that enable a strong and stable arc to be concentrated around the wire.

This inner coating provides the excellent arc striking characteristics and superior arc stability for all of your arc stick welding jobs.

The outer coating contains the shielding and slag-forming elements and is non-conductive. It contributes to the x-ray quality weld metal and it is also designed for welding with the new inverter technology.

The ideal choice for all applications where high strength is required

The ideal choice for all applications where high strength is required

Designed for welding high tensile steels, the TC16 electrodes are ideal for rural maintenance, fabrication and repair of farm machinery.

Other applications include general welding jobs, maintenance workshops, repair of earth moving equipment and root run on pipe butt joints or plates.

And because the TC16 has an extremely stable arc it is more tolerant to rust or paint on the work surface than other electrodes.

The ideal choice for all applications where high strength is required
Many features and benefits

Many features and benefits

Enjoy the many features and benefits of these easy-to-use low hydrogen twin coat electrodes, including:

  • Excellent arc striking characteristics
  • Smooth and stable arc
  • Easy slag removal
  • Tolerance to rust or paint on the work surface
  • Delivery of x-ray quality meld metal

The Bossweld TC16 hydrogen controlled, twin coated electrodes are suitable for inverter welding and all positional welding (except vertical down).

And they are guaranteed to do the job, with ABS Approval – Grade 3 H10.

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Arc welding – also known as stick welding – is easy to learn and clean, offering a sound a reliable weld at low cost.

And because arc welding does not require a shielding gas it is ideal for construction, mechanical work, and farm, lawn and garden equipment.

In this video, Andrew Bosco from Dynaweld explains why arc welding processes have been a widely applied method of welding for many years.

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