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Andrew Bosco of Dynaweld not only has 20 years of welding knowledge behind him… he also enjoys long-term relationships with suppliers that extend back to when his grandfather established the Dynaweld business.

In this video, Andrew talks about the importance of forming genuine and long-term relationships with suppliers… relationships that build loyalty and care, creating a ripple effect that Dynaweld customers can benefit from, too.

Great businesses are built on relationships

Dynaweld have been in the industry for a long time… fifty years this year!

Through three generations of family members and for five decades, they have done the necessary research to ensure that they work with the right suppliers.

It is important that they build a strong working relationship with their suppliers, which is why many of Dynaweld’s key suppliers have been with them for 15 years.

I’m really proud that suppliers we chose 15 years ago are still our key suppliers today,” says Andrew. “And even suppliers that my grandfather introduced me to, we still deal with their kids!

Great relationships always have trust.

A strong working partnership

We consider our suppliers to be our partners; they are part of the business. They are not just some third party off in the distance that we buy from when the price is right.

Having long-term relationships with our suppliers has really built great loyalty for the suppliers, for us and also for our customers because it gives us continuity of supply.

We know our suppliers are always looking out for us and doing the best thing they can for us, whether it be a fast lead time or a quick turnaround on a particular project so we’re not have to start all over again.

They know what we’re looking for; we know they’ve got our back and then if we can provide consistency for our customers that’s just a priceless relationship for everyone!

Sourcing the right suppliers

At Dynaweld, we have asked the questions and done the groundwork for you – so you don’t have to do any of your own when choosing the right supplies for your welding needs.

We learnt the hard way early on,” says Andrew. “We made some poor decisions… but what that has taught us is what NOT to do.

What we quickly learnt was the importance of choosing the right suppliers. It’s really important to partner up and understand what their processes are… to form a healthy working relationship with them.

It’s about understanding how they make the product, visiting our suppliers so we see firsthand what their working processes are. Ensuring that corners aren’t being cut in order to make a quick buck.

It’s been quite a journey over the last 20 years to find and source the RIGHT suppliers!

First impressions count

It is important to know where your welding supplies are coming from.

We’re always looking for a great first impression. Making sure that the staff are happy… they want to work there.

Do they have strong ethical work practices? Do they have happy staff working for them? Are their warehouses clean and is the environment nice for all the staff to work in?

Dynaweld also make sure that the quality of the raw materials that their suppliers use is excellent and of the right standards.

How knowledgeable are they? Do they understand their products thoroughly? Do they really know what they are talking about?

Consistent internal processes

Dynaweld ensure that all of their suppliers’ specifications on their products remain consistent.

And because Dynaweld trust their suppliers… it means their customers can, too.

The internal processes of the suppliers are very important in ensuring that all products can be received with confidence and continuity of supply…

…especially if they have manufactured a product just for Dynaweld.

To weld: to combine and form a harmonious or effective whole

Dynaweld like to find suppliers that have history and longevity – just like they do.

They want to do business with suppliers who will still be around in ten, twenty or even fifty years’ time.

For Andrew and Janelle and the team at Dynaweld, this sense of care and team effort comes down the line – in some cases, from one family run business to another and across generations of expertise.

This ensures consistent quality,

a strong sense of integrity and loyalty

and always expert advice.

To find out more, contact us.

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