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BossSafe Green or Orange Welding Curtain

  • ┬áTransparent welding screen
  • 2 colors available
  • Pressed eyelets for secure mounting
  • Several sizes available
  • Compliant to AS 1441.13
product thumb
product thumb


Transparent screening used to protect welders & other workers. Allows light transfer to the work area & reduced glare to the welder. Fire retardant to AS 1441.13. Long lasting material does not crack or harden, Can be used in or outdoors.

Part Number Description
700101 BossSafe 1.8Mt x 1.3Mt Green Welding Curtain
700102 BossSafe 1.8Mt x 2.0Mt Green Welding Curtain
700103 BossSafe 1.8Mt x 2.7Mt Green Welding Curtain
700104 BossSafe 1.8Mt x 3.4Mt Green Welding Curtain
700107 BossSafe 1.8Mt x 1.3Mt Orange Welding Curtain
700108 Bossweld 1.8Mt x 2.0Mt Orange Welding Curtain
700109 BossSafe 1.8Mt x 2.7Mt Orange Welding Curtain
700110 BossSafe 1.8Mt x 3.4Mt Orange Welding Curtain

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