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BossSafe Pro Series Electronic Welding Helmets

  • Wide viewing area 98mm x 62mm
  • Shade Adjustable from shades 9 – 13
  • Grinding mode
  • Switching speed 1/30000s
  • Quad sensors
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Designed to provide protection to your eyes, neck and face from flash burn, ultraviolet & infrared light, sparks and heat while performing welding tasks. Manufactured under strict quality control methods, the Pro Series auto-darkening electronic welding helmets are the perfect choice for your next welding project. Replaceable Batteries.

  • MIG, TIG & Stick welding
  • Carbon arc gouging
Part Number Description
700150 BossSafe Solar Pro Electronic Welding Helmet
700151 BossSafe Atlas Pro Electronic Welding Helmet
700152 BossSafe Venom Pro Electronic Welding Helmet
700153 BossSafe Viking Pro Electronic Welding Helmet
700154 BossSafe Ned Pro Electronic Welding Helmet

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