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Bossweld 20 Series TIG Torch Wear Parts

  • Suits Bossweld 20 Series TIG Torch
  • Torch head wear parts
  • Various sizes available
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Wear parts to suit the Bossweld 20 Series water cooled TIG Torch.


WP20 Torch Head, WP20 Flex Torch Head, WP20 Flexhead with valve – 95WP20FV, Long Back Cap, Short Backcap, Medium Back Cap, Torch Body Front Insulator, Collet 13N20 0.5mm – 0.20", Collet 13N21 1.0mm – 0.40", Collet 13N22 1.6mm – 1/16", Collet 13N23 2.4mm – 3/32", Collet 13N24 3.2mm – 1/8", Collet Body 13N25 0.5mm – 0.20", Collet Body 13N26 1.0mm – 0.40", Collet Body 13N27 1.6mm – 1/16", Collet Body 13N28 2.4mm – 3/32", Collet Body 13N29 3.2mm – 1/8", Alumina Cup Size 4 6.0mm, Alumina Cup Size 5 8.0mm, Alumina Cup Size 6 9.5mm, Alumina Cup Size 7 11.0mm, Alumina Cup Size 8 12.7mm, Alumina Cup Size 10 17.5mm, Collet Body Gas Lens 1.0mm 0,40", Collet Body Gas Lens 1.6mm – 1/16", Collet Body Gas Lens 2.4mm – 3/32", Collet Body Gas Lens 3.2mm – 1/8", Gas Lens Alumina Cup Size 4 6.0mm-1/4", Gas Lens Alumina Cup Size 5 8mm-5/16", Gas Lens Alumina Cup Size 6 9.5mm-3/8", Gas Lens Alumina Cup Size 7 11.0mm, 53N61S 12.5mm Alumina Nozzle, Agility Blank Switch Cover, Agility Current Control 10K, Agility Current Control 47K, Agility Current Control 5K, Agility Double On/Off Tig Switch, Agility Single Hold Down Tig Switch, Agility Multi Function Tig Handle, Agility Handle Screws, Agility Rubber Sheath Ball Joint

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