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Bossweld 309Lsi Stainless Steel MIG Wires

  • A5.9 ER309LSi
  • Precision Layer wound wire
  • Easy starting and Smooth feeding wire
  • Silicon content improves edge wetting
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Premium quality, low carbon stainless steel wire for welding matching 309L type stainless steel. Also recommended for welding stainless steel to mild & low alloy steels, stainless steel overlays & other dissimilar ferrous metals.

AWS Specification / Industry Specification
  • A5.9 ER309LSi
  • Precision Layer wound wire
  • Used to weld 23%Cr, 12%Ni stainless steel
  • Easy starting and Smooth feeding wire
  • Higher Silicon content improves weld edge wetting
  • Welding Positions
  • All positions
  • Welding Dissimilar materials
  • Buffer layers prior to Hard Facing and Overlays
  • Joining of wrought or cast steels

309LSi x 0.9mm (15 Kg Spl), 309LSi x 1.2mm (15 Kg Spl)

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