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Bossweld 45% Flux Coated Silver Brazing Alloys

  • A5.8 BAG-1
  • 45% Silver content Flux coated
  • Brazing temperature approx 700 C
  • Excellent capillary action for narrow weld
  • High strength bond
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Good general purpose alloy with exceptional strength & narrow melting range making it ideal for production brazing & maintenance work because of its ease of application. Low melting point.

AWS Specification / Industry Specification
  • A5.8 BAG-1
  • 45% Silver content
  • Brazing temperature approx 700 C
  • excellent capillary action where components have close fit up
  • High strength bond
  • Ideal for brazing steel and other ferrous metals
  • Refrigeration pipe joints requiring high bond
  • Fire service fittings
  • 1 kg = Approx 70 Sticks

45% SBA Flux Coated x 1.6mm (1 Kg Pkt), 45% SBA Flux Coated x 1.6mm (6 Stick Handy Pack)

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