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Bossweld 70S-4 Mild Steel TIG Welding Rods

  • A5.18 ER70S-4
  • Copper coated for TIG and OXY
  • Higher strength welds
  • Typical tensile strength 490MPa
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Copper coated carbon steel rod for use in the TIG welding process. Typical tensile strength 490MPa. Ideal for root pass welding of pipes. Suitable for tanks, boilers, steel structural works, earthworks & construction works.

AWS Specification / Industry Specification
  •  A5.18 ER70S-4
  • Copper coated wire for TIG and OXY welding
  • Higher strength welds
  • Boilers and Pressure vessels
  • Root run in single sided weld joints
  • 300049 – 1 kg = Approx 62 Sticks
  • 300050 – 1 Kg = Approx 29 Sticks

70S-4 x 1.6mm (5 Kg Pkt), 70S-4 x 2.4mm (5 Kg Pkt)

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