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Bossweld Ceriated Tungsten Electrodes

  • Polished, Grey Tip
  • Length 178mm
  • Packs of 10
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These electrodes perform best in DC welding at low current settings but can be used proficiently in AC or DC processes. With its excellent arc starts at low amperages, ceriated tungsten has become popular in such applications as orbital tube and pipe manufacturing, thin sheet metal work or jobs where small and delicate parts are welded. Like thorium, it is best used to weld carbon and stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium, making it an obvious replacement for 2% thoriated electrodes.


Ceriated Tungsten 1.6mm x 178mm, Ceriated Tungsten 2.4mm x 178mm, Ceriated Tungsten 3.2mm x 178mm

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