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Bossweld LT101 Plasma Torch Spares

  • Suits Bossweld LT101 Plasma Torch
  • Torch head wear parts
  • Various sizes available


Wear parts to suit the Bossweld LT101 Plasma Torch

Part Number Description
94.PR0101 Bossweld Electrode for A101/A141 (Pkt 5)
94.PR0116 Bossweld Extended Electrode to Suit A101 Torch (Pkt 5)
94.PE0101 Bossweld Swirl Ring for ERGOCUT A101 Torch
94.PD0101-11 Bossweld Tip 1.1mm for LT101/LT141/A101/A141 (Pkt 5)
94.PD0101-14 Bossweld Tip 1.4mm for ERGOCUT A101 Torch (Pkt 5)
94.PD0101-17 Bossweld Tip 1.7mm for ERGOCUT A101 Torch (Pkt 5)
94.PD0101-30 Bossweld Tip (Gouging) 3.0mm for A101 Torch (Pkt 5)
94.PD0111-12 Bossweld Tip (Ext.) 1.2mm Suits A101/A141/A151 Torch (Pkt 5)
94.PD0117-14 Bossweld Tip (Ext.) 1.4mm for A101 Torch (Pkt 5)
94.PD0117-17 Bossweld Tip (Ext.) 1.7mm for A101 Torch (Pkt 5)
94.PC0109 Bossweld Outside Nozzle for A101
94.PC0111 Bossweld Heavy Duty Nozzle for ERGOCUT A101 Torch
94.PC0130 Bossweld Gouging/Contact Cutting Nozzle (HD) for A101 Torch
94.CV0011 Bossweld Spacer Spring Guide for LT100/LT151/A90/P90/A101/A141
94.CV0012 Bossweld Double-Pointed Stand Off Guide for A101 Torch
94.CV0014 Bossweld Crown Stand Off Guide for A101 Torch
94.CV0023 Bossweld Gouging/Cutting Attachment for A101 Torch
94.CV0039 Bossweld Crown Shield Attachment for A101 Torch


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