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Bossweld LT70 Plasma Torch Spares

  • Suits Bossweld LT70 Plasma Torch Spares
  • Torch head wear parts
  • Various sizes available


Wear parts to suit the Bossweld LT70 Plasma Torch

Part Number Description
94.PR0063 Bossweld Electrode Standard for CB70 Torch (Pkt 5)
94.PR0064 Bossweld Electrode Extended for CB70 Torch (Pkt 5)
94.PE0007 Bossweld Air-Diffuser for HY40/CB50 (Pkt 2)
94.PD0088-10 Bossweld Tip (Std) 1.0mm for CB50/CB70 Torches (Pkt 5)
94.PD0088-12 Bossweld Tip (Std) 1.2mm for CB50/CB70 Torches (Pkt 5)
94.PD0019-10 Bossweld 1.0mm Plasma Cutting Tip (Pkt 5)
94.PD0019-12 Bossweld 1.2mm Plasma Cutting Tip (Pkt 5)
94.PD0063-10 Bossweld Tips (Ext) 1.0mm for CB50/CB70 Torches (Pkt 5)
94.PD0085.9 Bossweld Extended Tip D.0,98/LT50-70 (Pkt 5)
94.PC0032 Bossweld Retaining Cap for CB70 Torch (Fiber Glass)
94.CV0010 Bossweld Space Spring CV0010 for Ergocut S45
94.CV1117 Bossweld Double-Pointed Stand Off Guide for CB70 Torch

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