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BT / Tecmen Cooling Vest & Regulator

  • Rapid cooling
  • Balanced ventilation
  • Low noise
  • Flame retardant
  • Minimize heat stress
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Innovative air supply cooling vest, connect with air compressor (not include), delivering cooling air continuously. The maximum body temperature can be reduced by 19°C providing safe and comfortable cooling experience.

This technology offers continuous and consistent cooling as long as the vest is connected to the air compressor. The vest remains tethered to the compressor through an air hose (recommended diameter 8 mm & min air pressure of 1 bar).

  • Comfort airflow, anti-scald design for safety
    Air outward design, safe and reliable, preventing scalding during operation
  • One size fits all
    Lightweight flame resistant oxford cloth mesh material with a velcro on the waist, ensuring a secure fit of up to 105cm
  • Best welder’s vest in the summer
    Can be worn under other protective clothing and reduce non productive cooling breaks
  • Easy adjustment mis-operation prevention
    Adjust air flow and temperature by pressing the control knob, ensure working safety
  • 360° rotation, unobstructed air intake
    The cooling valve can be rotated 360° to ensure unobstructed air intake and flexibility fit different operating environment
  • Simple design, easy to clean
    Spare parts are easy to clean, saving maintenance costs, and have a longer service life

BT / Tecmen Cooling Vest & Regulator

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