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Gemini H600R Hardfacing Electrodes

  • DIN 8555 E 6-UM-55
  • Abrasion resistance – medium impact
  • Deposits weld metal of high toughness
  • 52HRC single layer
  • 55HRC multiple layers
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Rutile coated hardfacing electrode for surfacing worn parts of civil engineering, construction & mining equipment, without machining. Deposited metal of approx. 55 HRC provides high toughness & excellent abrasion resistance to medium impact.

AWS Specification / Industry Specification
  • DIN 8555 E 6-UM-55
  • Extends the operation life of many wearing parts
  • Excellent abrasion resistance to medium impact
  • Deposits weld metal of high toughness
  • Hard facing electrode 52HRC Single layer, 55HRC multiple layers
Welding Positions
  • Flat, horizontal and vertical up
  • Suitable for facing guillotine blades, punches dies
  • Hardfacing earth engaging equipment including- buckets, augers, tines


  • 20Kg Carton with 5kg packet

Gemini H600R x 3.2mm (5 Kg Pkt), Gemini H 600 R x 3.2mm (6 Stick Handy Pack), Gemini H600R x 4.0mm (5 Kg Pkt)

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