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Safra Premium 4043 Aluminium Alloy TIG Welding Rods

  • A5.10 ER4043
  • Premium 5%Si Double Shaved Tig wire
  • Very low oxide levels for superior welds


TIG rod suitable for fusion welding of alloy castings, generally used in the repair of automotive parts such as cylinder heads, inlet manifolds& housings. Can also be used for defects & cast repairs.

AWS Specification / Industry Specification
  • A5.10 ER4043
  • Premium 5%Si Double Shaved TIG wire
  • Very low oxide levels resulting in superior welds
  • Excellent for Alloy castings
  • Automotive repairs
  • Cylinder heads
Part Number Description
300015 Safra Premium 4043 x 1.6mm (5 Kg Pkt)
300016 Safra Premium 4043 x 2.4mm (5 Kg Pkt)
300017 Safra Premium 4043 x 3.2mm (5 Kg Pkt)

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