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Dynaweld Trade Partner – Edcon Steel

Just like Dynaweld, Edcon Steel is a family business that spans multiple generations and continues to grow today.

Over 50 years ago, in the late ‘60s, the uncle and father of Hugh Edmunds, Edcon’s Managing Director, began with a simple chain wire machine in their garage before joining forces with a local boiler maker called Frank Horton, to establish Edmunds and Horton (as the business was known then).

In 1976, this small metalworking shop on Orchard Road in Brookvale was renamed Edcon Steel, (short for Edmunds Construction).

It was also the year it won the contract to fabricate metalwork and structural steel for QANTAS House in Sydney.

Supplier of steels, metals and alloys

Supplier of steels, metals and alloys

Edcon prides themselves in being the experts and helping you to ‘get in and then get on with it’ – just drop in, get your steel cut, and get back to the job at hand.

In addition to the original Brookvale store, Edcon now has five other locations: a head office/structural steel fabrication facility in Brookvale for builders, small and large, as well as branches in Revesby, Blacktown, Orange and Bathurst.

From offering a mere 500 products in the beginning, they now stock over 5000 at their Brookvale store alone.

Supplier of steels, metals and alloys
Jobs, big and small

Jobs, big and small

“Edcon supplies steel fabrication services and products for everything from large infrastructure projects, builders and welders, right through to DIY home projects.

We recently supplied 50 tonnes of steel plate for the roads outside of the new Northern Beaches Hospital,” says Alan Owens, Operations Manager of Edcon Steel.

“Edcon also provides steel for the sculptures for Bondi icon, ‘Sculptures by the Sea’.”

“Model train builds, residential tasks, HSC major works… [whatever the project], we cut all of our products to size and supply a wide range of steels and metals for all sorts of domestic and commercial projects,” Alan explains.

In total, Edcon has the capacity and capability to take on even the most challenging structures in steel.

Dynaweld was the right choice for us

Dynaweld was the right choice for us

“When we decided to expand our point of sale materials in our trade counters, we didn’t know about Dynaweld. We were about to sign with another company, but one of our reps told us about Dynaweld,” explains Alan.

It turns out that Dynaweld was the right choice.

Alan says that the most important thing was that Edcon’s customers were getting quality and specialist products… at the right price!

Dynaweld was the right choice for us

“Dynaweld’s service, pricing and packaging are second to none. We saw their marketing display and then Wayne came in and installed it for us. He maintains it, as well. Their competition couldn’t do this.”

The perfect match

The perfect match

All Edcon Steel locations now carry the Dynaweld range. Alan says it’s a perfect match:

“We aim to be a one stop shop for our customers and the Dynaweld range helps us to do that. Our customers also have the reassurance of knowing they are buying a better quality welding product because they are buying it from a steel company.”

Dynaweld NSW Account Manager, Wayne Goodfellow, makes sure he looks after the business and its clientele through preferential pricing and exclusive deals. He wants them to be the first point of contact for customers.

Today, he even provides hands-on product training in stores.

“They supply the steel, I supply the knowledge and Dynaweld supplies the welding gear.”

When Edcon relocated their Bathurst store, Wayne personally moved the Dynaweld stock over. Now, that’s commitment!

Both companies work together in perfect tandem – it’s truly a match made in heaven.

The business of family

The business of family

For Dynaweld and Edcon, the close, family dynamic extends to staff, customers and beyond. Everyone takes care of one another.

“We want Edcon to do well,” says Wayne. “We don’t want multinationals coming in and wiping them out. We make sure we take the time to invest in our relationship, so it continues to grow…”

Dynaweld has gotten to know all things Edcon (and vice versa!). Each team has a great rapport with one another and it just works. “Edcon staff now ring me directly if they have an issue – they completely bypass customer service… We’re on first name terms. I will go and see customers on-site… I will even drop stuff off if it’s urgent. There is complete trust,” says Wayne.

The business of family

Wayne also conducts product training and awareness with new Edcon employees and will stop at nothing to make sure the relationship between the companies remains strong.

They’re truly like one big (happy) family.

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